I'm a photographer with a style that is candid, raw, and emotive, with an eye for the subtle details.


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We live in an ever-increasingly fast paced world, where we hardly have time to get accustomed to new things before they are obsolete. With every passing moment, it seems that time itself is accelerating, carrying us onward towards whatever is next. I think that, at times, we have all wished to be able to slow or stop the progress of time. I believe this is what brought me to love photography…. with just a snap of my shutter, I can capture a moment in time, and keep it forever. We can pull moments from time, like memories from the Pensieve, and display them in our homes as windows to the past. We can revel in memories that have blurred around the edges of our minds, yet remain sharp and clear in the restraints of a frame.

I live for the abstract, the details we hadn’t noticed or appreciated at the time of their passing, but which in photograph can transport us back to the moment, and allow us to relive the hope, the joy, the camaraderie of days past. I love to be a fly on the wall, with my camera, capturing life’s candid and unscripted moments. I strive in all my work to capture raw emotion, the essence of the moment. I want you to be able to view a photograph, and feel exactly how you felt when it was taken. I want for anyone who views that image to feel that, even if they weren’t there at the moment.

I'm Matt

 why I do what I do

want to incorporate something from, say, Harry Potter or Star Wars? you’d probably see me do a little dance

I have an obsession with the fantastic and the surreal

I'm an unabashed nerd

to capture your memories

and would love to travel to somewhere new

I love to travel

without  smiling

i can't look at our sons,
sterling & griffin

family is everything

and like Han Solo, we shoot first

I might look like a once-upon-a-time U.S. Marine with a perpetually furrowed brow, but I’m really just a huge nerd.

looks can be deceiving


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